Hi there, I’m Lisa and I love to cook, especially creating something out of nothing in the fridge. I also love photography despite the fact that I only have my iPhone to work with. But hey, you have to start somewhere…one of these days I’ll get a real camera.

Feeding our family has always been interesting because I’m severely allergic to eggs, fish and nuts and Bob is vegetarian…well, a ‘pescatarian’ actually because he eats fish and seafood. Our son Evan has a thing about textures and has had a love/hate relationship with food since he was a baby. He would rather be hungry than try something he doesn’t want to eat!

But being short-order cooks is not what we’re about. So, how do we make meals that work for all of us? Different versions of the same meal, ideally. We try to always have something for everyone. Every recipe here is egg, fish and nut free and where relevant I’ve added the egg version for those who don’t need/want to worry about that.

14 thoughts on “About

  1. Do you have anything for the mother of three who considers herself more of a prep cook than a working cook? This is a great blog and thanks for following mine, although you’re likely to quickly find I’m a poser in all culinary endeavors. =/

  2. Thanks Stacie, I love your blog…just stumbled across it yesterday and it’s hilarious! You are a mother of three so I totally tip my hat to you! We have just one. I’m just getting started in this blog so I hope to have lots of family-friendly recipes. You could also check out http://www.dinnerwithjulie.com and Jamie Oliver’s site is also great.

  3. It’s fun to almost-meet a fellow Seattleite! I love your approach to “dinnerversions,” I do a bit of that myself to accommodate kid & grown-up palates without cooking two different meals (when I can!). I’m going to go poke around your site for more inspiration!

    • You are so awesome! Thanks! We all say it’s about being creative and having fun but seriously…validation rocks! BTW, I had the most hits ever yesterday. (90…that’s huge for me).


  4. Looking forward to getting more kid-friendly ideas that reach beyond mac & cheese. I live in a family of four. Unfortunately, whatever I make, if three of us like it the fourth is guaranteed to find it revolting.

    • No…..I think about you and the Le Clown community a lot! Just having computer issues and lots of work travel so I’m reading but not commenting much and haven’t been creating much material.

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